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So you are new to Minecraft? Maybe you have not purchased the game yet and are just curious about it? Maybe you have purchased the game and are like “ok now what?” Well then you are at the right place. Here you will find videos etc that will show you what Minecraft is all about and how to do some basic things like SURVIVE YOUR FIRST NIGHT!!!

What is Minecraft?

It is really hard to explain what Minecraft is but I think Haatfilms did a good job by showing the evolution of Minecraft for Minecon opening.

As you can see Minecraft has gone through lots of changes from version to version. Haat Films also has some overviews of what is new in these updates. These kind of videos are pretty common before/after updates produced by many great Youtubers Haat Films just being one Paulsoaresjr, Wolv21, Welshpixe and more come to mind for good videos on new features etc.

Here are some links to the Haat Films update videos:

Hatventures – Minecraft 1.3 Update! Repeater! Beds! Occlusion!

Minecraft 1.4 Wolves, Cookies, Brown Wool, Ladder Hanging, New Logo!

Minecraft 1.5 – Snow! Rain! Stats/Achievements!

Minecraft Prerelease 4 – POTIONS

Minecraft Prerelease 4 – Enchantments!

Minecraft Prerelease 4 – ‘THE END’


How to survive your fist night.

Ok so maybe you got Minecraft and got in there and punched a tree and then all of a sudden it started getting dark and then….sssssSSSSS BOOM. You die…over and over. What do I do?

Paulsouresjr who is a great Minecraft community member (and friend) has made a series of videos that show you how to “Survive and Thrive” here is the first video and a link to the rest. Beware there are 2 seasons! almost 200 episodes. Yes you can do that much in Minecraft.

Watch the whole “Survive and Thrive” series by Paulsoaresjr


This is also a great video by a long time community member mmills

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