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I have been a member of the Minecraft community for quite some time and I can’t remember a time when Astragali (AKA the Minecraft Scribe) wasn’t around and contributing in some way to the community. He has done everything from Minecraft fanfic to bumpers on The Shaft Podcast. But one of his greatest skills has to be writing. His posts on his blog called “The Minecraft Scribe: Minecraft news, creations and thoughts” are amazing and insightful. I always love reading them because they are so rich with words and Astragali has an amazing way with them. Not only in the writing sense but very much in his every day speech. I have the pleasure of talking with “Astra” as we call him, quite frequently and love every minute of his jokes and stories. I can’t imagine our community without him. Not to mention the AMAZING stuff he and Teddanator have built on the Minecrap server.


But there is one little problem. The computer he is using is so old it is not even funny. His tablet that was a bit better died. He did manage to get a new video card for the old PC but it is just not enough to run Minecraft (or any other game) hardly at all. So I reach out to you the community to help Astra out. I have a computer I can give him that would be better but it is expensive to ship to him. If you guys could help out to get enough to send him a “better” computer that would be fantastic. Who knows maybe this awesome community would give enough that we could buy him a nice new one. I have already contributed $20 to this effort as a start. I think if Astragali had access to a better computer there is no telling what he could do. I would love to see an LP by him on anything really. That is just out of the question at this juncture. Let’s change that!

Astra’s Links





Yes, I want to help Astragali!

We Love MincraftChick!


We loved having MinecraftChick as a guest on the Family server. We had a lot of fun. MinecraftChick is so sweet, she came back to the server when the girls were not there and built them each something special (a flower garden for Tiniestbit and a bridge for JuneyBug) Thanks again MinecraftChick. We love you.

Personalized Texture packs at The Painterly Pack


This site is really cool PainterlyPack.net home of the Painterly Pack. I am diggin the background. Not only do they have some really cool texture packs they have something called “The Painterly Pack Customizer Tool”. What this does is let you pick and choose individual textures from multiple texture options then it builds you your texture pack at the end with your choices. Brilliant!

Minecraft Texture Packs and Skins!


Minecraft Workbench (MinecraftWB.com) has a ton of texture packs and skins for download. Now with the new Minecraft updates it is easier then ever to try these texture packs out. I hated having to inject them into the minecraft.jar file so I have only tried one till NOW!

I’m really excited about the texture packs but this site also has a pretty good selection of Minecraft programs, tools and editors etc. There is even a item database. Add this one to your bookmarks guys.

New Minecraft Site: Planet Minecraft


This is one great looking MC site. It look’s like it is doing quite well after its November 9th launch. The focus of this site is community and the sharing MC creations and inspirations. But one of the coolest things about this site is the project managment features!

Project Management Features:

  • Project Description & Special Notes
  • Image Gallery of up to 21 images w/ captions
  • Embedded Youtube Video
  • Server Information + /warp code
  • MCEdit Schematic
  • World Save Download Link
  • Progress Indicator
  • Embed Codes
  • Special Attributes and moar!

Be sure to check them out!


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