Minecraft Update 1.2 Info


This has been an exciting week for Minecraft addicts. It reached 1 Million copies sold. The Millionth user akroman1 also got a special cape. Some really good servers have been coming online and the special guest on “The Shaft” have been most entertaining. So much is happening it is hard to take it all in and now we get an update! Update 1.2 is here and to help you sort it all out I thought I would provide as many “resources” (I said that the shaft way lol) about the 1.2 update as possible. Also I will be updating the crafting section to reflect the changes.

The Word of Notch Post about the Update

Minecraftwiki Version History Page

Minecraft Workbench has an Item Database page up for the new item some with Decimal values 🙂

MinecraftChick has a new video showing off new stuff (she even found a Squid!)

PaulsoaresJr has a new video showing him play around with the new stuff

Wolv21 has a video that actually has a ton of links to other videos showing new stuff. Nice work Wolv21 😉

The Cake is Not a Lie!


Notch announced cake today!

I can assure you that the cake is not a lie, but thank you for saying so. ALL TEN THOUSAND OF YOU

The recipe for cake is milk*3 + sugar*3 + wheat*3. Of course. (You will get the buckets for the milk back)

Notch via Twitter

The announcment came in a big post of information on Notch’s Word stemming from some strategy meetings they have been having. The update with the Cake (and sugar) will be coming Thursday. Some thing that I was excited about was Notch having the Devs spend 50% of Minecraft dev time to adding new “fun” stuff. That’s what I’m talking about. What a great Developer and what a great game!

An Illustrated Guide to Minecraft


Armand K. over at Bits ‘n’ Bytes gaming site posted something really awesome. A Minecraft manual! It is really nice looking too. Armand did a great job of capturing the look and feel of Minecraft while conveying important information…Bravo. Head on over and check it out and get the pdf for free.

The Illustrated Guide to MineCraft was made as a free download for fans and newcomers of MineCraft alike. My hope is to add some story elements to the game through this outside medium. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it

Armand K.

CHAOS has come!!!


This server is pretty amazing. Go and check it out for yourself.

just go to multiplayer and type in

*Hint type in

/kit basics

to get the basic essentials right away after you get connected.

…if you can connect. It has been pretty full.

Announcement from hey0 maker of hMod


Basically hey0 is no longer interested in Minecraft and will not be updating hMod anymore. Here is the Announcement. There is a up and coming server management mod called Bukkit that is set to take its place so have no fear. it looks to have all the features of hmod and then some. I will update the server stuff section when this change happens.

Exciting News!

0 is excited to announce we have added ThinkGeek as an advertiser. There is a big reason why I wanted to get ThinkGeek as an advertiser and not some lame Google ads. Notch has made ThinkGeek Mojang/Minecraft’s official merchandiser. I want this site to be just about Minecraft, even the ads. So whenever Notch approves more stuff you will see it here also. I am really excited and have even ordered my own Minecraft Union t-shirt and 2 creepers for the girls. Also they are having a HUGE clearance sale after the holidays so take advantage of that for sure and find out what’s on Clearance at ThinkGeek!

I have found the BEST Minecraft server host!!!


OK Move over (Sorry guys you have been dethroned) It is time for a NEW BEST Minecraft server host I have to say that Allgamer was a good host but not just MC Specific (They host all sorts of game servers). I have been on the hunt for one that is ONLY Minecraft hosting. I found and their backend controls blows all the competition away. Not only do they use the Enterprise version of McMyAdmin they have other goodies that they have built themselves to make managing a Minecraft server as easy as possible.

First off the support is top notch. I have sent in tickets for things like a ram upgrade and craftbukkit being added etc (Yes they support bukkit!!) and the response was very fast. After Bukkit was installed I was able to upload plugins right through a web interface (really easy). At allgamer I had to use a SSH/SCP connection to manage the files (not so easy). I was able to use their custom built file editor right in the website to edit any of the YML files in the plugins directory. This is a breath of fresh air after having two or more windows to manage before at Allgamer. Now it is all in one window. I can pull up the website anywhere and login and manage my server. Shhh don’t tell my boss!

Also my server on supports more users with the same amount of ram as Allgamer for a way CHEAPER PRICE! So if your looking for MineCraft hosting that is good, easy, affordable and has great support then today is your lucky day.

The Standardized Papercraft


Bearodactyl over at the Minecraft Forum was apparently bored and created a standardized Papercraft. In other words he created a whole set that are all the same size etc. Time to replace that ink cartridge thats low. And let’s hear it for productive boredom!

Personalized Texture packs at The Painterly Pack


This site is really cool home of the Painterly Pack. I am diggin the background. Not only do they have some really cool texture packs they have something called “The Painterly Pack Customizer Tool”. What this does is let you pick and choose individual textures from multiple texture options then it builds you your texture pack at the end with your choices. Brilliant!

Minecraft Skins Galore at


The most requested item in Minecraft has to be skins. Edmond over at was kind enough to send me his link. This has to be the most skins in one place. He even personally did MincraftChick’s skin!!!

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