Mining Diamonds (“Black And Yellow” Minecraft Parody) – HojjoshMC


Today I turned 40


I’m one of those old school gamers. Yes I used to even hang out at the arcade. I lived through Pac-Man fever and survived. I played console games of all kinds from Atari 2600’s to ColecoVison to the newest of the new. I grew up learning how to program basic and mostly wanting to learn to make games. When PC gaming got big I was there every step of the way. I even made my own Doom WAD’s and Quake levels. But I have to say in all the years I have been playing games I have never experienced a game quite like Minecraft. Thank’s Notch


Built by: IronFruit

Big thanks to @IronFruit who made this for me. Nice work!


Drawn on Justin.tv live today by: Thefre ThiefKnight

Big thanks to @ThiefKnight who made this for me live today!

Minecraft Demo


PCGamer has an exclusive to the official Minecraft Demo! Yes there is a demo now. Basically you can play for 90min before the world locks. Great way to show your friends Minecraft


Exclusive to PCGamer the cows have a PCG logo in the demo

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