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OK Move over (Sorry guys you have been dethroned) It is time for a NEW BEST Minecraft server host I have to say that Allgamer was a good host but not just MC Specific (They host all sorts of game servers). I have been on the hunt for one that is ONLY Minecraft hosting. I found and their backend controls blows all the competition away. Not only do they use the Enterprise version of McMyAdmin they have other goodies that they have built themselves to make managing a Minecraft server as easy as possible

First off the support is top notch. I have sent in tickets for things like a ram upgrade and craftbukkit being added etc (Yes they support bukkit!!) and the response was very fast. After Bukkit was installed I was able to upload plugins right through a web interface (really easy). At allgamer I had to use a SSH/SCP connection to manage the files (not so easy). I was able to use their custom built file editor right in the website to edit any of the YML files in the plugins directory. This is a breath of fresh air after having two or more windows to manage before at Allgamer. Now it is all in one window. I can pull up the website anywhere and login and manage my server. Shhh don’t tell my boss!

Also my server on supports more users with the same amount of ram as Allgamer for a way CHEAPER PRICE! So if your looking for MineCraft hosting that is good, easy, affordable and has great support then today is your lucky day.

CHAOS has come!!!


This server is pretty amazing. Go and check it out for yourself.

just go to multiplayer and type in

*Hint type in

/kit basics

to get the basic essentials right away after you get connected.

…if you can connect. It has been pretty full.

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