Minecon and the state of the Minecrap server


Boy reading through that last couple of posts was depressing (deleted them). A lot has happened since then. I got surgery on my back and some days I even forget about it. Long story short I’ll be at Minecon 2016 in Anaheim with Tiniestbit coming up soon. If you plan to be there come find us walking around and say hi.

This server is still going and some old peeps still come around. Big thanks to Shrine Master Joe who has been serving as the admin for last few years He’s a pro builder and has done some amazing things on the server.


We keep the server pretty private now days. If you had access before or would like access you can contact me via twitter

Hope to see you at Minecon!

Minecon Panel Family Game Night: Bonding with Minecraft


Party for Astragali Highlights from JoshSDH


BitBurner Talks – MINECON 2011 w/ Wolv21


Minecon: Interview w/ BitBurner (HD)


Minecon: BitBurner Interview!




This is for all the people who can’t go to Minecon.

Official Live Streaming Coverage: Minecon Live Blog:

BitBurner UStream from My iPhone (watch twitter for tweets when I’m live)

Minecrap Twitter

Minecraft Sites:


More links to come as they become known.



Minecrap is turning 1 year old.


Built by: IronFruit

Minecrap will be turning 1yr old on November 19th during Minecon. Yay! I will be at Minecon and I will be celebrating in someway shape or form while i’m there. But I wanted to do something special for the occasion. The background for Minecrap is getting a little dated. I have a new logo now but the background is old.

This is a call out to all my most talented artistic peeps to come up with a proper background for the website. Also this background could make its way onto my twitter background and my Youtube channel background. What am I looking for? What I really want is something that showcases the community. What I would like to see is something that maybe includes peeps characters who are part of the Minecrap community. Maybe something similar to what Teddanator has done here that I love love love! But use your imagination I am open to anything.

What will you get? Access to the Minecrap server if you don’t already have it. Your art showcased on the Minecrap website and social pages with all credit given. Also something special from Minecon (I will try to get Notch to sign the surprise)

Technical Details: The background now is at W1900 x H3000 72dpi jpg under 700K. If your’s is larger that is ok I can compress it later. Also you will want to send your submissions to OR you can tweet them to me @minecrap You have till Sunday November 13th to get your submissions in. You can submit as many as you like but they must be made by you. Most of all though lets have fun 🙂

Notch demonstrating Minecraft 1.8 at PAX


You have to check out Steve’s Nuggets!



Steve's Nuggets fan art by: XenParadox

There is a new site in town Steve’s Nuggets! it is brought to you by none other than myself (BitBurner) Alefnull and Astragali. We put our heads together and thought up a great idea for a link sharing social site that the Mincecraft community would enjoy. There is a lot of information out there about Minecraft. One of the goals of was to try and pull together and curate most of this information. I can’t tell you how difficult that is to do with all the changes that happen with every update. It is too much for one person (me) to handle. That is where Steve’s Nuggets comes in. We all together know the best Minecraft places and links and mods etc. What better way to bring it all together than a social bookmarking site dedicated to just Minecraft news and links. I hope that everyone finds something new through the community’s nuggets. I know I have and it has only been a up couple of days.



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