Starting Thursday Nov. 17th I will start live blogging my Minecon adventure. Be sure to tune in here to catch up on whats going on inside and behind the scenes at the con. These update will also be posted to twitter.

===============Live Blog Below===============


The server will be updated when Bukkit is updated. I will TRY to watch for the release and push it out asap.


I’ll be heading over in a bit to get ready for “The Family That Plays Together” break out session. I just attended the “Minecraft as a Tool for Education” with Minecraftteacher and some other amazing panelist!


Wishing I could post more from here but it is not working from my phone I applogize. Stay tuned though i will post pics etc tonight and maybe more live streaming. 🙂


The shaft guys are still sleeping! We partied till 4am WOW! Time to get some starbucks and wake up a bit before things kick off!


Just picked up my badge and mingled a BUNCH lots of people here and the positive vibe is palpable.


Testing the liveblog system for Minecon!


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