This has been an exciting week for Minecraft addicts. It reached 1 Million copies sold. The Millionth user akroman1 also got a special cape. Some really good servers have been coming online and the special guest on “The Shaft” have been most entertaining. So much is happening it is hard to take it all in and now we get an update! Update 1.2 is here and to help you sort it all out I thought I would provide as many “resources” (I said that the shaft way lol) about the 1.2 update as possible. Also I will be updating the crafting section to reflect the changes.

The Word of Notch Post about the Update

Minecraftwiki Version History Page

Minecraft Workbench has an Item Database page up for the new item some with Decimal values 🙂

MinecraftChick has a new video showing off new stuff (she even found a Squid!)

PaulsoaresJr has a new video showing him play around with the new stuff

Wolv21 has a video that actually has a ton of links to other videos showing new stuff. Nice work Wolv21 😉