Built by: IronFruit

Minecrap will be turning 1yr old on November 19th during Minecon. Yay! I will be at Minecon and I will be celebrating in someway shape or form while i’m there. But I wanted to do something special for the occasion. The background for Minecrap is getting a little dated. I have a new logo now but the background is old.

This is a call out to all my most talented artistic peeps to come up with a proper background for the website. Also this background could make its way onto my twitter background and my Youtube channel background. What am I looking for? What I really want is something that showcases the community. What I would like to see is something that maybe includes peeps characters who are part of the Minecrap community. Maybe something similar to what Teddanator has done here that I love love love! But use your imagination I am open to anything.

What will you get? Access to the Minecrap server if you don’t already have it. Your art showcased on the Minecrap website and social pages with all credit given. Also something special from Minecon (I will try to get Notch to sign the surprise)

Technical Details: The background now is at W1900 x H3000 72dpi jpg under 700K. If your’s is larger that is ok I can compress it later. Also you will want to send your submissions to bitburner@minecrap.com OR you can tweet them to me @minecrap You have till Sunday November 13th to get your submissions in. You can submit as many as you like but they must be made by you. Most of all though lets have fun 🙂