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"Minecrap.com" and Cursor by Zaco619 on the Minecrap Minecraft Server

We have been running the server a long time now. It started as totally open and griefers put a stop to that. Then we went to a whitelist application and we added people in 150 – 300 person chunks. This proved to also be full of griefers. Then we started just trickling in users little by little so we could watch and manage those new users. Even this has proven to just add griefers to our mix. It actually makes me really sad. I have over 3000 requests in my whitelist database and I’m sad to say I will not be adding any of them. Here is what is going to happen from now on. This is how you will get access. First you will need to be involved in the community. What does that mean? It means that someone in the community knows you and can vouch for you. In other words you have to know someone to get in. Or you need to do something cool for the community by contributing in some way. This could be youtube videos about Minecraft or a website or blog that is Minecraft specific, music, art, whatever. My point is I want to know that you are serious about Minecraft and not about griefing and ruining peoples wonderful works of art that they and their friends have spent countless ours building. Now as most of you sigh and say “I’m nobody, I’ll never make it in” that is NOT true. You make your own reality with your thoughts. If you want to do something just set your mind to it and it will happen. Be at events and in chat like at livestreams (There is prob one going on right now) Hang out at thespawn.net irc chat or mumble voice chat. Hang out at theshaftpodcast.com chat on Sundays and watch them record their Minecraft podcast live. Look up Minecraft people on twitter etc. Start tweeting about stuff you do in Minecraft and post screenshots. Don’t spam people but if it is good people will notice. Make a Minecraft video or a song or some art work and post it!!! Get out there and say hi to me because I’m out there in the community and I notice! I do have plans for the future though that fix this scenario. I’m working on a version of the server that has areas for the general public and it is monitored and restricted heavily and then if you build something cool or we get to know you etc you would graduate and get more rights and move on to the real building area. Public would only get to look and not build in this region. It is a ways off as 1.2 is coming soon. Updates set us back as we wait for plugins etc to update. We will overcome the griefers. I think that there are more cool people in the community than there are griefers. So I will see you out there!


WHITELIST IS CLOSED!!! (read above)


  • HAVE FUN!!!
  • No swearing
  • No griefing
  • No stealing from other players
  • Do not ask admins for items
  • No chat spam
  • Do not use ALL CAPS
  • Please do not build 1×1 towers into the sky
  • No inapropriate pixel art
  • If a player dies leave their stuff, if you pick it up by accident give it back, please be honest.




Player Limit = 50

Mobs = on

Creeper structure damage = off

Creeper player damage = off

PVP = off

TNT is Banned

Fire is Banned


Once you are in the server type /help to see what commands are available to you.

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