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The Cake is Not a Lie!


Notch announced cake today!

I can assure you that the cake is not a lie, but thank you for saying so. ALL TEN THOUSAND OF YOU

The recipe for cake is milk*3 + sugar*3 + wheat*3. Of course. (You will get the buckets for the milk back)

Notch via Twitter

The announcment came in a big post of information on Notch’s Word stemming from some strategy meetings they have been having. The update with the Cake (and sugar) will be coming Thursday. Some thing that I was excited about was Notch having the Devs spend 50% of Minecraft dev time to adding new “fun” stuff. That’s what I’m talking about. What a great Developer and what a great game!

Exciting News!

0 is excited to announce we have added ThinkGeek as an advertiser. There is a big reason why I wanted to get ThinkGeek as an advertiser and not some lame Google ads. Notch has made ThinkGeek Mojang/Minecraft’s official merchandiser. I want this site to be just about Minecraft, even the ads. So whenever Notch approves more stuff you will see it here also. I am really excited and have even ordered my own Minecraft Union t-shirt and 2 creepers for the girls. Also they are having a HUGE clearance sale after the holidays so take advantage of that for sure and find out what’s on Clearance at ThinkGeek!

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