Tips and Tricks

  • NetherRack (Red Nether Stone) burns forever just light it with a lighter on top
  • You can set mobs on fire with a lighter. Even rock stays lit for almost a couple of seconds before it goes out.
  • Creepers spawn on top of trees.
  • Always put torches on the left of caverns you explore. Then when you want to go back torches should be on your right.
  • You can put ladders on every other block.
  • Clouds always move North and you can use this to help navigate and not get lost when exploring without a compass.
  • You can use any wood or coal to smelt. Jmandabeast pointed out that you can smelt with a bucket of Lava also.
  • Destroying a wood chest with items in it will only make the items pop out like when you die and you can still collect them.
  • Smelt clay to make bricks then craft bricks to make brick blocks.
  • Dropped items go away after 5 minutes
  • Water only flows 8 blocks. If you let it drop down a block before 8 blocks it will go 8 more.
  • You can stop water with ladders and pressure plates.
  • There is a trick to mining obsidian. I used Effective-Obsidian-Gathering-in-Minecraft-Alpha PDF by @AstragaliUSA

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  • New guy (7 years)

    i will spread the word of your cool site

  • Jmandabeast (7 years)

    You can also use a lava bucket to smelt items …just a fyi

  • AKPXDestroyer (7 years)

    You can stop any type of liquid (means water and lava) with stone stab, ladder, sign and pressure plat. Oh, and also blocks.

  • AKPXDestroyer (7 years)

    Watch to watch the tutorial about how to find North on the Nether.

  • AKPXDestroyer (7 years)

    Professional tips:
    If you started playing Minecraft and spawn on a block, mark your spawn point and when you got everything you have to make a building (after you survived many days of Minecraft), you can make a house on your spawn point.

  • AKPXDestroyer (7 years)

    I did spawn on the desert and it’s really hard to find coal. But now we can make one! But only if you have 8 blocks of cobble stone (for crafting a furnace) and 3 or more blocks of wood (not wooden plank). Those woods need to used for burn woods.

  • AKPXDestroyer (7 years)

    Survival tips:
    You must build a shelter NEAR your spawn point.

  • AKPXDestroyer (7 years)

    Survival tips:
    1. Do NOT dig straight down!
    2. Do NOT dig straight up!

    Safety tip (by keirshar):
    Put your water on TNT so the TNT won’t blow up the blocks (this is also works on Creepers)

  • AKPXDestroyer (7 years)

    “Creepers spawn on top of trees.”
    Really? So that how Creepers got on the trees.

  • blargh (7 years)

    “Always put torches on the left of caverns you explore. Then when you want to go back torches should be on your right.”



    also, lets say, i drop some items, right?
    i walk somewhere, and die or drown or something.
    if i go back to where i dropped items, will they still be there if it took less than 5min to die and get back?

    • bitburner (7 years)

      Well if the chunks are really far from spawn like out of view they are already gone.

      • ZachBora (7 years)

        In multiplayer thought I believe they will stay in the unloaded chunk. I’ve noticed items would still be there even after 30min+

        Fire doesn’t spread if the chunk isn’t loaded, that’s why sometimes without protection you arrive at a location and the fire is just starting with noone around.

  • a helpful tip is DONT DIE

  • SpaceNarwhal (7 years)

    Dropped items won’t disappear if no player is in the chunk.
    ie. On another server, died in the far reaches of the world, I come back a day later and recollect my things.

    The lighting mobs on fire won’t work on this server, since Flint and Steel is disabled. You can set up a Netherrack trap by wiring it up to a switch, though.

    Coal will smelt 8 Items, so 8 Coal = 1 Stack in a furnace. Lava will smelt 100 Items, but is less effective. Complete list of fuels and ect. Is here.

    And for obsidian mining, you can use this, easier. But this requires a Lava Bucket, so not useable on this server.
    This process is fairly simple and is explained here :

    Maybe a seperate list for server tips?
    Such as :
    – Find a friend, you will need them for protection, help, and just having someone around
    – Collect ALL materials, you’ll either use them or sell them for things you’ll actually need
    – Set your home in a place you use often, such as your house or storage.
    – Always protect your chests!


  • mason (7 years)

    you find diamands near lava ang obsidian you can only mine diamands with a iron pick and you can only mine obsidain with a diamand pick

  • Nickelsen (7 years)

    You can’t put ladders on every other block anylonger. You will have to make a fully connected ladder 😛

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